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Hill Croft Heritage Farm sits atop Acker Hill in the rolling peaks of Hillsvale, Nova Scotia (New Scotland).

The word “Croft” means an enclosed area of land used for farming and "Crofting" is small-scale subsistence farming that traditionally supported rural families in the Highlands of Scotland.

Why Heritage? Since the year 2000 over 62 breeds of farm livestock have become extinct and 20% remain in danger according to Earth Trends. With the weakness of the standard engineered breeds of established farmed animals, alternative breeds were sourced to support a healthier farming environment. This is where the idea for rearing heritage breeds comes in. We have selected our breeds based on suitability to the environment and function plus their ability in some instances to be dual purpose (e.g. both meat and eggs). These natural breeds have a much higher tolerance level to diseases and in some cases hard weather conditions and therefore are more aptly suited to the Canadian environment. In addition we have selected breeds that are often beautiful in comparison to the conventional breeds, offering a new esthetic dimension to the micro farm.

Free Range? Within the confines of a few acres we decided that any rearing of livestock should be conducive with normal development reflective of a healthy social environment allowing for free roaming, foraging, mixed diet, social interactions etc. and therefore we have designed Hill Croft Heritage Farm to support this concept as much as possible. 

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