HillCroft Heritage Farm

a place where the senses come alive!

Our Connection with Food

When Shelley and I decided to start out on this journey our plans were small and based on a simple desire to connect with our food source. We were tired of the selection of food offerings available to us and the ever increasing cost plus a growing distrust of what exactly it is that we are forced fed by global food giants. Industrialization of farming practices is not new and in some regard is part of our evolutionary progress. Development in efficiencies is a natural component of progress and in some instances is also acceptable. Difficulties arise however when we the individual fall victim to market manipulation and when best practices are hidden/disguised to such a degree that we no longer have a choice and even more importantly where it is controlled by an ever decreasing number of agri-businesses.


To cut a long story short we wanted to experiment with growing our own food. Going back to a level where we could connect with the source and understand, first hand,  the relevance to the products we had become accustomed to over the Supermarket counter. Our first thought was eggs, keeping hens to provide us with a simple product that is used most everyday in our household. The seed was planted and once we had decided to do this we were infected with an eagerness to populate our newly built coop with hens that reflected our growing interest in tradional breeds.

No sooner had we finished our first coop did our vision extend to raising our own pigs. We selected the Berkshire breed as our first choice to be followed by the Tamworth and a mixed Berk Tam combo!

No sooner had we got pigs did our flock expand once more with the acquisition of sheep and later our sights were set on Turkeys and to this end our flock truly was taking shape. Fine tuning and a greater focus on the range of poultry has solidified our vision of further expanding our flock in range and depth of breed.

As our flock grew so did the challenges annd the interest from our four dogs became an obvious concern. Never having been in  contact with multiple free ranging wild life, the dogs were either confused or eager to investigate further .. so much so that we unfortunatley lost some flock members in the initial stages and now keep a keen eye on the boys and their antics!

Whilst growing the flock we are learning more and more about what we want to raise and the relative challenges with the various types of livestock. Our latest selection has been that of goats and is one that is rewarding if purely from a cute factor. Granted goats offer a new dimension for meat supplies but we also want to investigate the milk side of things as well producing goats cheese and maybe also yoghurt.